Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia

Nuclio logoNUCLIO – Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia (NUCLIO) is a non-profit association of professional astrophysicists and amateur astronomers devoted to public outreach and education. It is also an official training centre recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. NUCLIO’s activities include: training teachers in the use of new technologies, promotion of real research in the classroom where students are introduced to scientific methods using robotic telescopes and data mining astronomical databases, providing Astronomy and Astrophysics courses for teachers and the general public. In recent years, NUCLIO has gained expertise in the use of serious games for science education and the integration of real science experiences in the classroom environment, for example the search for asteroids, the use of robotic telescopes, etc.  NUCLIO has been involved in several EC projects as a national coordinator for Portugal with the mission to train teachers at the national level in the use of research tools and resources for science teaching using the IBSE methodology.  NUCLIO is the coordinator of one of the largest astronomy education efforts in the world, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, a legacy of International Year of Astronomy 2009 endorsed by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO. Since 2009, the programme has reached over 100 nations and 20,000 teachers. We would like our scientific experiences and contacts with European entrepreneurs to bear fruit in practical terms so as to support the objectives of the CSR plus the missing D project and disseminate its results.



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